Cultural Competency Training

While cultural competency training is becoming widespread for clinicians, little has been done to provide cultural competency training for clinical researchers. It is likely that a lack of cultural competence on the part of researchers hinders their ability to engage certain communities, such as minority or non-English speaking individuals, and may lead researchers to impose their beliefs, values, and patterns of behavior upon those from other cultural backgrounds. In response, important segments of our community are disengaged from research.

Seminars, trainings, presentations, and book clubs are offered to researchers associated with Case Western Reserve University, including affiliated hospital staff, trainees, and community-based investigators.

These trainings review key steps in conducting culturally competent research. This includes assisting researchers in the process of integrating cultural considerations into developing research questions, study design, data collection, analysis, and dissemination of findings.

The purpose of these trainings is to increase researcher’s knowledge, skill, and confidence in engaging and meeting the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

*Continuing Research Education Credit (CREC) may be awarded to individuals for their participation in these trainings.


If interested, please contact:

  • Katrice D. Cain, MA
    Program Development Manager