Health Disparities Course

Health Disparities Course (EPBI 510/CRSP 510/SASS 510/MPHP 510/NURS 510)

This graduate level course aims to provide theoretical and application tools for students from many disciplinary backgrounds to conduct research and develop interventions to reduce health disparities. The course is situated contextually within the historical record of the United States, reviewing social, political, economic, cultural, legal, and ethical theories related to disparities in general, with a central focus on health disparities. Several frameworks regarding health disparities are used for investigating and discussing the empirical evidence on disparities, research and outcome measurement issues, policy and policy formation concerns, and intervention practices.

While racial/ethnic disparities in health and health outcomes are an important focus of this course, disparities among other subgroups (i.e. the poor, women, uninsured, disabled, and non-English speaking populations) are also included and discussed. Each class features two individual speakers who discuss different topics in health disparities research or interventions that have proven successful in addressing health disparities in Greater Cleveland.

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