Healthy Eating Active Living Initiative

HEAL-logoThe Healthy Eating & Active Living (HEAL) initiative is a community partnership working to make healthy eating and active living a part of the culture and everyday living in the Buckeye, Larchmere and Woodland Hills neighborhoods. This initiative is made possible by the Saint Luke’s Foundation in partnership with the Case Center for Reducing Health Disparities. HEAL is led by a Community Council, a majority resident council  comprised of people who live, work and play in the neighborhood along with external stakeholders.  The council engages the community at large in creating a vision and strategic plan for integrating healthy living into the day to day experience in the neighborhood.  Since the inception in 2010, the HEAL Council has engage over 1,800 people in the Buckeye, Larchmere & Woodland Hills neighborhoods in taking an active role in creating and using opportunities for healthy living including: a volunteers-led free community exercise program offering over 40 classes each quarter, a network of over 180 backyard and community gardens, year round healthy cooking classes and policy and advocacy groups.

The HEAL initiative focuses on building strategies for and by the community in 6 areas:

  • Affordable, accessible healthy food
  • Opportunities for exercise that build relationships
  • Opportunities to learn and practice healthy living skills
  • Communication and awareness about healthy living
  • Intra- and inter- connected communities
  • Healthy and safe community gathering spaces/HUBS

Click the link to view the newly published article about the HEAL Initiative: If We Build It, We Will Come- A Model for Community-Led Change to Transform Neighborhood Conditions to Support Healthy Eating and Active Living 

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