• “Information Overload: How to Evaluate Health Information” by Patricia Terstenyak

    “What’s the difference between organic and natural cereals?”  You might have heard about the cereal crimes reported by the Cornucopia Institute.  You can learn about it here. “My aunt’s brother-in-law cousin’s neighbor recently told me I should I be gluten free.  Does that mean no more delicious bread, ever?” In a world filled with health […]

  • “Kenneth and Mamie Phipps Clark: The Researchers Behind the Brown vs Board of Education Ruling” by Kim Juhas

     A prominent victory in the Civil Rights Movement was the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas ruling, which ended racial segregation in American public schools.  The Supreme Court unanimously agreed to overturn the 1896 Plessy v Ferguson “separate but equal” ruling, and this decision paved the road for large-scale desegregation.  NAACP attorney […]

  • “CVS to Stop Selling Cigarettes” by Julie Merker

    CVS TO STOP SELLING CIGARETTES CVS Caremark Corporation is putting a lot on the line. Come October 2014, 7600 stores across the country will cease carrying tobacco products. This strategic move could reduce the CVS’s revenue by $2 billion! Company executives seem to be willing to take this risk to put the health and wellness […]

  • “Food Choices”-by Kim Juhas

    Ann Thorndike and her colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital recently conducted a two-year study on the effects of food labels on choices made by hospital staff in the cafeteria.  The labels symbolized a traffic light, with green labels indicating healthy choices that should be eaten often, yellow labels indicating food that should be chosen moderately, […]

  • “A Reflection on: Housing as Health Care – New York’s Boundary-Crossing Experiment”-by Julie Merker

    A reflection on: Housing as Health Care – New York’s Boundary-Crossing Experiment Kelly M. Doran, M.D., M.H.S, Elizabeth J. Misa, M.P.A., and Nirav R. Shah, M.D., M.P.H.  New England Journal of Medicine, December 19, 2013; 369:2374-2377. “For many patients, a prescription for housing or food is the most powerful one that a physician could […]

  • “Not All Work Stress is Created Equal” by Kim Juhas

    Not All Work Stress is Created Equal:  The Difference Between Vicarious Trauma, Secondary Traumatic Stress, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue For those in the helping professions, it is important to understand that helpers can be affected by exposure to others’ stress and traumas.  Further, it is important to understand the different ways in which helpers can […]

  • “Happy Holidays” by Julie Merker

    Tis the season for time spent with family, time away from work – you know – joy and happiness!  This season seems to work a certain level of magic on the community. Whether it is nursing back to health an ailing economy or bringing distant friends and relatives together to share a meal and some […]

  • “Low Cost Intervention Yields High Rewards”-by Julie Merker

    It’s been a year. It’s funny how 365 days can feel so different to different people. To my older daughter, it’s an eternity (seriously, today I was told that 20 minutes is FOREVER so a year really is a long time). To Babe Dos, my younger daughter, it is literally a lifetime. As we celebrate […]

  • “Who’s Buying This Stuff?” by Julie Merker

    We’ve all heard it…The best way to live a long life is to be healthy throughout life. So we eat the colors of the rainbow; we buy a treadmill; we buy a juicer. Somehow, this just isn’t good enough. Americans want need to be on the cutting edge of everything, and that includes the health […]